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Dear Visitor,

Since 1989, our family business is actively trading industrial consumables on an international scale.
The nature of the organizational structure allows us to deepen the relationship with our customers and offer indispensable assets such as rapid delivery, flexibilityindependence and particularly comptetitive prices.
Some of our products include the following:
  • Thermal printheads for industrial label printers: At its core, and with several thousands of printheads sold per year, Brauer has become a major European player on the market of thermal printheads.
  • Coding and thermal transfer ribbons: In Belgium, we represent the renowned international company Kurz®.
  • Other products: A variety of complementary products, especially from the packaging sector, completes our offer.


For further information, please visit our "PRODUCTS" section or directly contact info@thermalprintheads.eu.


Site still in CONSTRUCTION  - visit our current site www.brauer-supplies.be

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